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The biggest application of activated carbon is in the purification of water and potable water treatment. It is used in a variety of water treatment industries, from municipal water supply treatment, wastewater treatment, swimming pools, aquariums and even home filtration systems. Water professionals face a greater challenge today than ever before to deliver safe drinking water. Regulations are becoming tighter and the number of contaminants being regulated is growing. The pollutants of concern range from pesticides, detergents, pharmaceuticals, and industrial chemicals to residual oxidants such as ozone and disinfection by-products. Activated Carbon products are chosen everyday at municipalities and private companies to help water professionals meet regulations and deliver water that is purer, safer and better tasting! Learn about out water-related treatment products here.

Your end product is simply, purely “H2O.” To get there, however, you must adsorb away all the contaminants from your source. Whether they are present in low or high concentration, singly or in combination with other contaminants, in surface or groundwater, or in waterways or wastewater stream.

We are offering fine grades like GS1220, GS1230, GS1240, GS1435, GS1440 and so far. Such products having high hardness and the low attrition with the relevant adsorption capacity is participation to the excellent quality to the Water treatment process.