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Charcoal process

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We have the own plant naming GENUINE MARKETING SERVICE that is consisting of charcoal manufacturing established the year of since 1990.

Peculiarity of shell

Our preferable shell for charcoal production having following properties,

  • Better shell thickness in compare with ordinary shell,
  • Less sulfur content during the charcoal process,
  • Dried shells and the basic properties as well as quality charcoal,


Charcoal process have made by ground pit method and it is done by in the process of controlled oxidation atmosphere and include around 6000C temperature, Due to this atmospheric condition of carbonization, the concept, to avoid flaky and improve the hardness of the charcoal and by its participation, quality of gold adsorbed carbon, and many other applications are good such as low attrition and less platelet.

Granulated charcoals such +4, 2×10, 3×5, 5×10, 10×30 etc are produced by crushed and sieves with pertinent mesh size as we need, using the excellent quality of the charcoal.

Finally we provide our raw material of the activated carbon process that charcoal and granulated charcoal containing low moisture, ash and volatile matters also nil amount of dust and foreign matters. Fixed carbon values of these are more than 75%.